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Please put a marker where you want your landscape materials to be dumped. Our delivery trucks are heavy, commercial vehicles that can cause ruts and damage to your lawn, septic system, or yard. We recommend driveway delivery for landscape materials. If you want a delivery made off of the hardtop, you are taking full responsibility for damage that may occur to your property. We do not cover repair costs.


Hubbard's Farm in Princeton, Massachusetts, is your source for farm-raised meats and eggs, quality yard and garden materials including a variety of bark mulches, rich farm-grown loam and compost, decorative stones, quality feed hay, and wood pellets and Envi-blocks for your energy-efficient pellet stove.

A Family Affair

Hubbard's Farm, once a dairy farm, is truly a family-owned and operated business. Nancy Hubbard and her recently passed husband, Brad, are the third generation. Their kids and grandchildren make up the fourth and fifth generations who also live and work on the premises. When you do business with Hubbard's Farm, you'll be treated like family too. Read more about us at "A Legacy Lives at Hubbard's Farm," The Landmark, July 5, 2017.

Our farm-fresh eggs and meats can be purchased at our Farm Store. We deliver many of our landscape products and wood pellets by the truckload, or you can pick them here at the farm by calling ahead. To place your order and arrange for delivery, call 978.464.2041 or email: info@hubbardsfarm.com. We accept cash, checks, and Visa and Mastercard payments.

We look forward to doing business with you at the farm!

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