Farm Products

Farm Products

Hubbard's is truly a family farm. We raise a variety of animals including hens, cows, pigs, donkeys, and goats, some for food products and others just for the fun of it.

Please click on the button to view, download, and print our current price list for individual meat packages, meat bundles.

Meat prices change frequently. Check here for today's prices.

In addition to our farm-raised beef, pork, and chicken in individual frozen packages, we offer several meat bundles.

If you have horses or livestock of your own, you'll be interested in our Timothy Hay and Royal Wood Shavings equine bedding pellets and shavings.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Farm Stand is open for the purchase of our farm-raised food products. You still need to call ahead for bulk purchases of pellets and landscaping materials to make sure that someone is here to load them with the tractor or forklift.

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