Due to the summer's rainy weather, we are still struggling to get our hay in. PLEASE call 978.464.2041 before coming to the farm to ensure that we are here to help you.


M–Th 9–3, F 9–1, Sun Closed

At Hubbard's Farm, we make hay while the sun shines, literally! Our high-quality Timothy hay is grown in our own fields and harvested throughout the summer, starting in June.

In addition to traditional rectangular bales, we offer round silage bales. If you need hay for horses or livestock, please contact us early as the supply is based on weather.

Our First Cutting is a medium texture that provides plenty of roughage to promote good digestion. The Second Cutting is finer-textured hay and is greener and sweeter than the first cutting.

Orders and Inquiries, please call 978.464.2041 or email us.