Fuel Pellets

Fuel Pellets

Coronavirus Precautions

Please visit our Scoop page to get the scoop on the latest updates on our Covid-19 precautions in regards to meat sales, and delivery of pellets and landscaping materials. 

Why order your pellets now? If you have a brand preference, we recommend you order now. Due to the pandemic, we cannot guarantee that pellets will be available later in the season. Many of the pellet companies have been on temporary lock-down and we are being limited as to quantities we can buy. 

Pallet jack in-garage delivery service has resumed for the time being. Now is the time to order if you want your pellets delivered into your garage. If there is another COVID-19 surge the pallet jack will not be available and all pellets will have to be dropped outside. Please make sure your garage is empty when we are scheduled to deliver. For everyone's health and safety, our driver will not handle or move boxes, bikes, laundry baskets or other items. Additionally, the pallet jack requires plenty of space to maneuver around. If the garage is not cleared, the pellets will be dropped outside. 

At Hubbard's Farm we sell premium quality wood pellets in 40 lb. bags, by the ton (50 bags per ton), unless otherwise noted. Our pellets can be purchased by calling 978.464.2041 or email us or Order Online by the ton or skid for delivery. See our brands, details, and prices below.

Wood pellet performance varies based on a variety of factors. Click on the button to view our comparison chart to help you to choose pellets that have the qualities you prefer.


Button to Wood Pellets Delivery ChartWe deliver! Please be sure to check our delivery chart for a list of towns we deliver to and delivery pricing. We recommend that you order your pellets as far in advance as possible. During the winter months, supplies and delivery times can vary. Delivery charge will be added upon checkout. Check our website frequently for availability and pricing.


Your pellets will be delivered within a 1-2 weeks of your order. You will be contacted a few days before our driver delivers.

Our delivery trucks are heavy, commercial vehicles that can cause ruts and damage to your lawn, septic system, or yard.  We recommend driveway deliveries for both landscape materials and pellets. If you want a delivery made off of the hard top, you are taking full responsibility for damage that may occur to your property. We do not cover repair costs. 

Wood pellets are also available for purchase by the bag or half ton at the farm. If you plan to visit the farm to purchase our products, please call 978.464.2041 to be sure we have the product in stock and to ensure we are here to assist you. 

Prices are subject to change on pellets and Envi blocks without notice, due to fluctuating fuel prices.