Fuel Pellets

Fuel Pellets

Early-Buy Spring Pricing Now Available on All Pellets

At Hubbard's Farm, we sell premium quality wood pellets in 40 lb. bags, by the ton (50 bags per ton), unless otherwise noted. Our pellets can be purchased by calling 978.464.2041 or Email Us or order online by the ton or skid for delivery. See our brands, details, and prices below.

Wood pellet performance varies based on a variety of factors. Click on the button to view our comparison chart to help you to choose pellets that have the qualities you prefer.

Button to Wood Pellets Delivery ChartWe deliver! Please be sure to check our delivery chart for a list of towns to which we deliver and delivery pricing. We recommend that you order your pellets as far in advance as possible. During the winter months, supplies and delivery times can vary. A delivery charge will be added upon checkout. See delivery notes below.

Important information regarding pellet availability and delivery

PELLET AVAILABILITY: Check here frequently for updates on availability and prices. 

PELLET DELIVERY: Choose your drop-off spot carefully. Our delivery trucks are extremely heavy, commercial vehicles that can cause ruts and damage to your lawn, septic system, yard, or driveway. In order to avoid damage to newly paved or recently seal-coated driveways, we recommend choosing a different location for pellet drop-off. Hubbard's Farm does not accept responsibility for damages or cover repair costs to your lawn, yard, septic system, or driveway.

GARAGE DELIVERY: Please make sure your garage is empty when we are scheduled to deliver. For everyone's health and safety, our driver will not handle or move boxes, bikes, laundry baskets, or other items. Additionally, the pallet jack requires 9-ft. clearance all around to maneuver. If the garage is not cleared, the pellets will be dropped outside. There is a $30 pallet jack charge to cover the cost of the driver's time.

DELIVERY DATE: Your order will be delivered within 4 weeks. You will be contacted a few days prior to our driver's arrival.