Landscape Facts and Terms

Landscape Materials include Bark Mulch, Loam, Compost, Loam/Compost Blend, Stone, and Sand

Facts and Recommendations:

  • Since landscaping materials including mulch, loam, and compost are used outdoors, they are exposed to the elements. Insects, mice, and other critters may make their home in your pile. Seeds dropped by birds or blown by wind may end up there. We cannot prevent nature from taking its course.
  • We recommend that you distribute your mulch and other landscaping materials as soon as possible. The longer the pile sits, the more likely you will end up with unwanted insects, critters, and seeds.
  • All mulches are not the same. Some have added dyes to enrich the color, others are dye-free. Some are made from softwoods, hardwoods, or blends. Some are best for gardens, playground bedding, or filling in under trees. See our website for more information about the mulches we sell.
  • If you are not sure about which kind of mulch to purchase, we recommend you come by the farm and see them in person. Because these are natural materials, stored outside, and since every device and browser is different, the colors may vary somewhat from how they look on our website.
  • Our loam is rich, dark farm soil, screened to one-half inch. It is perfect for patching up dry patches and filling in low spots and holes.
  • Compost adds organic nutrients to depleted soil. We screen our nutrient-rich, aged cow manure to a fine, soil-like texture. Compost should be tilled into your garden soil prior to seeding.
  • Our Loam/Compost blend is a mixture of our farm soil and aged cow manure. It's great for starting a new garden. Additionally, over time, your garden soil can become depleted due to years of planting, wash-out from wet weather, and dry-out due to dry years. Adding Loam/Compost blend every couple of years will help to keep your garden soil rich enough for your vegetables and flowers to flourish.
  • No chemicals are used in the production of our loam, compost, and blend.

Pick up at the Farm:

  • If you need help loading, please call in advance to ensure someone is here to help load your vehicle.
  • We are happy to help you load your vehicle, at your own risk. We do our best, but on rare occasions, loading accidents can happen.



  • Payment is due prior to or on delivery. Our driver will not leave the product if payment is not made.
  • There are no returns on landscaping materials. Please consider stopping by the farm to view the products in person before committing to bulk delivery.