Whole/Half Beef and Whole Hog

Buying a whole or half beef or whole hog is an excellent way to supply your family with high quality, farm-raised meat at a much lower cost than buying by the piece. Friends, neighbors or families often split and order. Your meat will be cut and packaged to your specifications. We will help you to fill out your own custom cut sheet.

Our whole and half beef and whole hogs are sold by hanging weight, plus harvesting fees. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after head, hide, hooves, viscera, lungs and heart have been removed. This ensures that you get your meat the way you like it. All of the meat is supplied in frozen packages. A whole beef will take up about 20 cu. ft. of freezer space and a whole hog will fill approximately 7 cu. ft. 

A beef cow is grown for about 18 months, and a hog reaches harvesting size in 7–9 months. Therefore, it is essential that you place your order many months in advance. A deposit is required upon placement of your order. 

For more details about ordering whole or half beef and/or whole hog, please download our meat pricing chart.